The person who comes to your channel does not know what it is about, and literally, in five seconds, you have to know that that channel is for him. Convince it at a glance.


In the same way that the “About me” page is the most visited of a blog, on the YouTube channel, it triumphs that you put your origin story in the trailer. The story helps to highlight your channel over others, encourages the viewer to empathize with you, and, therefore, be much more likely to watch more videos. Ask at the end of the trailer to subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications. You can get Youtube subscribe also and that will really help out your Youtube channel alot. 


The Quality Is Better Than Quantity For Youtube Subscribers


This is one of the most conflicting tactics because you have surely read everywhere that YouTube rewards regular content to be published.


And yes, posting new videos regularly in response to SEO is good when you have less than a thousand subscribers, but once you pass the 1000 barrier, things change because every day they load more than 300 hours of video on YouTube, so you should concentrate in making amazing videos more than posting every week.


If you publish a very, very good video once a month, your channel will have more followers than if you publish a lot less curated content every week. 


Audience retention is a factor that YouTube takes into account when showing your videos to viewers. Audience retention is a ranking factor in the super important search engine. 


What is audience retention, and why does it help us to get subscribers on YouTube?


Audience retention is the percentage of the video that people watch. If you post a two-minute video and people only watch one minute of that video, its retention is 50%. The higher, the more visits you will get because the more the search engine will show it. And visits on YouTube are usually synonymous with more subscribers. 


You will have to respond to all comments and also moderate the conversations if necessary. When the creator takes the time to interact with his community, audience participation is greater, and you generate more fans. Even a simple “like” or an emoji is enough sometimes. You can also optimize your most prominent videos and the ways in which they appear on your cover.


Increase The Reproductions Of Your Videos For Active Youtube Subscribers


Use the “final screen” function to link the next video. If you can make a person watch more than one video, it is very likely to subscribe.


There are 10-20 seconds at the end of your video to include a final screen. Include the title of the following video in the thumbnail so that it encourages the viewer to click on the subject. If a video motivates the viewer to see more, it will have a better ranking on YouTube (and, therefore, on Google). The result will be a noticeable improvement in the reproductions of the whole series of videos and more Youtube subscribers.